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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

The Strategic Women In Leadership Programme

Hosted since 2000 – 21 Years... 68 Successful public programmes

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Comments from our previous delegates

What a selection of dynamic and formidable women and men (Facilitators), the course was  very interesting, humbling, fun and funny.  I have never in such a short time learnt so much about myself ,  I have no words to thank you all. 


Marriette Dunne

– Head: Procument

Robor SA

Programme Introduction

During these challenging times, when business is changing on all fronts, it is imperative for businesses to develop new leaders, to assist them in realising their potential, both for their company's success, and for the future of leadership in South Africa. The STRATEGIC WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME has been Successfully hosted over 68 training programmes since 2000. The programme has been designed specifically to assist women in management positions to better manage, lead and gain leverage within their organisations.

The Strategic Women In  Leadership Outline

  • Thinking Strategically in a Global Business Context

  • Being Strategic about your Career

  • Personal Mastery for Leaders in a Diverse and Transitional society

  • Boardroom Media Presentation and Personal competencies

  • Personal Branding for visibility and credibility in your organization

  • Negotiation intelligence

  • Political Acumen in the World of Work

  • Mastering the art of Networking

  • Co-dependency - Healing the Female Self-Esteem

  • Create your own wealth – Financial Management

  • Good Partnerships and good Relationships – Interdependence

  • Resilient living - Stress Management and Burn-out

  • Being an Executive Woman

  • Creating a leading image - Dressing to express your unique Leadership Style

  • Pattern of leadership – Lessons learnt through mountaineering

  • How men are coping with the changing world of women

  • Energy Management – Nutrition

The program consistently achieves an average delegate rating of 97%

Benefits of course attendance

  • Leadership skills and strategies required to assume senior management positions.

  • An ability to think strategically and enhance your risk profile.

  • Access to coaching and mentoring which is essential for female leaders' personal and professional growth.

  • A valuable business network of other senior women.

  • Enhanced personal confidence and competence.

  • A personal mastery and branding strategy which will enable female participants to shatter their own glass ceilings

About the course…


The programme's unique educational environment is both powerful and inspirational because it operates on several different levels. As an analytical experience; the focus is on learning innovative leadership competencies. On a developmental level, the result is transformational, as participants step back and reflect on TWO COACHING SESSIONS INCLUDED

Traditionally people leave executive development programmes feeling invigorated, but find it difficult to sustain this in the business environment. The STRATEGIC WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME addresses this issue by including a coaching component as part of the core course content. Each delegate will have access to various coaches in fields such as strategy, finance, leadership and people management what key issues mean to them as individuals and professionals. The experience is also creative, with participants exchanging personal experiences and insights. Equally significant is the strong connective component. A supportive and energised setting promotes peer-to-peer learning through ongoing interchange amongst accomplished female executives.