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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Strategy Planning and Implementation

Sport Tactics

Practical Skills Will be Gained in

  • Environmental scanning

  • Redefining stakeholders

  • The importance of picking the right lieutenants

This module is designed to focus women's attention on their career, what stage of their career they are in, and how to develop a long-term career plan which will ensure they achieve their latent potential. In other words, it equips them to break through the "glass ceiling"!

Implementation is the process of making strategies and plans into actions to achieve strategic objectives and goals. This is an important part of the strategic planning process, and any organization that develops strategic plans must incorporate a process for applying the plan.

The strategic planning process is documenting and establishing the direction of a business, by assessing both where it is and where it's going. The strategic plan gives you a place to record the mission, vision, and values, as well as long-term goals and the action, plans use to reach them


  • An understanding of the competencies required at the executive level;

  • An ability to differentiate the inward and operational focus of the level 3 manager vs. the strategic view of the level 5 executive;

  • An ability to identify the strategic elements of business problems at the executive level and apply the appropriate leadership and management strategies to address these strategic issues.