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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Peak Performance Management 

The Post-Lockdown workplace is significantly different from what it used to be.

Unpacking of Current Reality

Communication is Key to Agreements

Developing and Imporving

Apply, Accept  and Evolve

With remote work becoming an unavoidable reality, organisations are realising that fundamental shifts are happening with regard to managing employees, rewarding them for outstanding work, and driving Agile Performance Development to adjust to New Ways of Work. Once a robust Strategy is crafted, the true success of a business lies in its execution.


In the end, how employees live out the day-to-day requirements of the culture, becomes the ultimate test of its strategic viability. With the world being in disruption mode all the time, the realities of the 4IR workplace outstrip anything we could have predicted even a decade ago. Strategy = Culture + Behaviours provides an adaptive formula for keeping the organisation agile enough to keep up with the rate of change while staying ahead of the competitive pack.