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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Master the Art of Networking

Working from Home

Networking is based on the idea that you can build a relationship with people from a point of common interest, which might be somewhat true, for example, your professional background, membership of an institution, club or college, or business interest.

Networking skills are important because we all prefer to do business with people we know, or who are known to people we know.


By broadening your network it will open up your business opportunities, whether to sell, buy, recruit, be promoted, or even to get a job.

Networking is the ability to create and maintain an effective, widely based system of resources that work to the mutual benefit of oneself and others through the skill dimensions of using relevant information, having good working relations, and maintaining and communicating a good track record.

Globalization concept
  • Provided an understanding of the power and necessity of networking.

  • Provided a format to evaluate the female manager's personal and professional networking philosophy and resource base.

  • Learn the how-to of effective networking to forge alliances with key stakeholders within the organisation and externally in any industry.

  • Develop a complete Networking strategy.

  • Expand your business network.

  • You will learn the different Networking skills to enhance your professional development.