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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Leading with Confidence through Covid-19 Workshop

Who Should Attend the Workshop: 

All leaders who wish to work more effectively with their staff, their peers and their businesses. And, for these leaders to process and understand the emotional, physical and financial impact that Covid-19 has had on their lives, the lives of their staff, and on their businesses, and also to discover how to cope more effectively in preparation for an uncertain new world.

Learning objectives for this workshop:


  • Comprehending the impact of Covid-19 on the enterprise

  • Discovering new ways to lead through uncertain times

  • Gathering tools and techniques to better manage staff

  • Getting the best out of staff during stressful times

  • Understanding and recognising the stress that resulted from this time in self and staff

  • Realising that stress kills productivity

  • Exploring ways of managing stress personally and with employees

  • Understanding what has happened to staff during the last six months

  • Understanding and processing the emotions experienced during Covid-19

  • Managing emotions more effectively into the future  

  • Discovering new ways of coping effectively as a leader

  • Exploring the stress to come in the future and how to better manage it

So what do we do with all of this moving forward?

  • Understanding the givens

  • Working within the givens

  • Being realistic

  • A gap analysis (now vs future)

  • Counting the cost of non-action

  • Personal motivators


Workshop outline: Leading with Confidence through Covid-19

  • The effects on company ‘bottom line’

  • What ‘working from home’ did within companies

  • The impact that slowed and complicated communication had on decision making

  • Counting the cost on the pressure leaders have felt

  • How long will it take for companies to ‘get back on their feet’

  • A realistic view of the South African economy

  • The change imperative

  • Can we quantify and qualify the impact of this time?

  • And more

Leadership challenges:


  • Company survival

  • Negativity

  • Fear in staff – possible causes

  • Anger in staff and why it may be there

  • Resistance to change

  • Resistance in other leaders

  • Reworking Vision, Mission and Strategy if necessary

  • Making staff accountable through direction and clear communication

  • Creating a ‘we’, not an ‘us versus them’ (staff versus leadership) culture

  • Removing blame and taking responsibility for personal responses

  • Getting all staff to take personal responsibility for work output