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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Emotional Intelligence Workshop (EQ)

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to perceive emotions in oneself and in others. 


Having a higher EQ helps one accept challenges and adapt to new situations quickly without hesitation.


Practicing EQ helps you to understand how your own reactions can create predictable outcomes which can be within your control.

Key Outcomes from this workshop

  • Understand that each person is unique and requires a unique set of rules

  • Create a habit of asking rather than prescribing.

  • Unpack your purpose and recall strength within.

  • Identify weaknesses in your performance and turn them into strengths.

  • Unblock limitations in beliefs and emphasis on opportunity thinking.

  • Understand how the past can impact your present and future.

  • Managing mood and emotional trigger onsets.

  • Receive and give well-adjusted feedback and set short-term goals, to reach the long-term goal.

  • Why one self-sabotages and gets caught in their own stories.

  • Learn and practice the art of Empathy and how it is demonstrated constantly.

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Upon learning and practicing Emotional Intelligence, you will be able to recover easily from setbacks and handle situations with a clearer mindset and awareness of the causes and potential consequences, by becoming more resourceful and adapting to adversities that come with significant stress factors in the Online Courses of each day. 

This workshop will equip the participants with the necessary tools of awareness, knowledge and confidence on the road to self-mastery and mindfulness. EQ can affect any age where the demands and stresses are ever-escalating. Identifying emotions and emotional responses is a huge step toward quick and effective solution generation.