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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Coping with the Effects that Covid-19 Workshop

Who Should Attend the Workshop: 

All staff members who wish to process and understand the emotional, physical and financial impact that Covid-19 has had on their lives, and discover how to cope more effectively in preparation for an uncertain new world. 
Every employee has their own story of their experience of the months through Levels of Lockdown in South Africa. No two stories or experiences will be the same. Many have not processed this time and it has affected them deeply

Learning objectives for this workshop:


  • Understanding and processing the emotions experienced during Covid-19

  • Processing the impact on self as a result of the extended lockdown

  • Managing emotions more effectively into the future  

  • Managing and understanding the stress that resulted from this time

  • Discovering new ways of coping effectively

  • Exploring the stress to come in the future and how to better manage it

So what do we do with all of this moving forward?

  • Understanding the givens

  • Working within the givens

  • Being realistic

  • A personal analysis of life needs

  • A gap analysis (now vs future)

  • Working out your own Have to, Want to, Need to and Must do in life

  • Counting the cost of non-action

  • Personal mastery as a journey

  • Personal motivators

Brainstorm to Success

Workshop learning outcomes from the Online Courses. Delegates will:

  • Understand what they have gone through during the last 5 months

  • Have a deeper understanding of their emotions and those of others

  • Learn new skills in terms of managing themselves and their emotions

  • Realise that their experience of the Pause was valid

  • Learn to identify and manage their own stress

  • Become empowered and become productive in the workplace

  • Understanding of what drives themselves and other people

  • Create a sense of ‘team-ness” and a common understanding of the challenges that lie ahead

How Covid-19 has affected the world of work

  • How has this time affected your work?

  • The world of work has changed forever

  • How companies are battling through this time

  • Have you considered the immense stress that your leaders are experiencing?

  • What will work look like in the future

  • Becoming productive again

  • The dire need of excellent customer service

  • How you can improve customer service