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In association with Dr. Renate Volpe

Burnout, Stress and Anxiety Management

Do you keep saying you are fine when you are not?

Lazy Morning
  • It is a matter of degree

  • Stress and Burnout fall onto the same continuum

  • Prolonged stress can lead to burnout

  • Not every person who experiences stress will eventually experience burnout

Stress is a negative factor on the body which causes a chemical imbalance that can trigger all sorts of ailments in/outside the body which can sometimes lead to Anxiety, Depression, and Burnout. This is one of the Online Courses you can join.

Burnout is what we are all facing in this new way of working and living, and the last thing we all want is to Burnout as it will just cause more stress and more anxiety, thus beginning a vicious continuous cycle.


Now ask yourself this, Do you feel this way already?